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The Parent Report With Doug Cope

Teen Drug Use

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Wilson Compton at the National Institute on Drug Abuse about the latest survey of teen drug use and its surprising results.

Millennial Credit Cards

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jeanine Skowronski of who says 63 percent of people ages 18 to 29 don't have a single credit card in their wallets because they saw their parents struggle with debt during the years of the great recession.

College Bound Dorchester

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Mark Culliton, CEO of a non-profit organization called College Bound Dorchester, which helps kids in Dorchester get off the streets and into community college.

Homeless Children

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Carmela DeCandia, director of the National Center on Family Homelessness, about a report card on the status of homeless children in the U.S. that shows one in 30 kids has no permanent home.

Booster Seats

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jessica Jermakian of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety about how booster seats for kids just keep getting better and better.

Teen Choices

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Robin Koval with the anti-smoking Legacy Foundation and the CDC's Doctor Stephanie ZaZa about how teens are making better choices these days.

Emergency Prep

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Kathy Spangler of Save The Children who says it's report card on disaster preparedness finds that 49 percent of parents don't feel very prepared to protect their children from a disaster.

Fortified Cereals

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with dietician Samantha Heller about how those fortified cereals your kids eat may not be good for them.


WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jennifer Grasz at, who says the post-recession workforce has gotten increasingly older leaving less jobs available for the young.

Messy Kids

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Professor Larissa Samuelson at the University of Iowa about how messy kids may just be better learners.

Sleeping Baby

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Stephanie Parker, a mom whose infant daughter was not sleeping well so she invented the Zipadee-Zip and founded

Movie Ratings

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Dan Romer from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania about how the Journal Pediatrics found the more parents watched violent movies the more they felt it was okay for younger teenagers to view those movies.

Laundry Pods

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Gary Smith at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, about how more than 700 children under age 6 were hospitalized in the last two years after ingesting laundry pods, which can look like large pieces of candy.

Medication Mistakes

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Henry Spiller, Director of the Central Ohio Poison Control Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital, about how most medication mistakes happened at home.

Toddlers And Touch Screens

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Ruth Milanaik at Cohen Children's Center of New York who says a child's use of iPads and iPhones doesn't have any positive effect on the cognitive development of that child.



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