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The Parent Report With Doug Cope

Video Games

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Andy Pryzbylski, author of a study in the Journal Pediatrics, about how some video game use by kids is actually good.


WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with ABC Medical Contributor Jennifer Ashton about how there are more symptoms than just a headache when it comes to concussions.

Strict Parents

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Joji Suzuki at Brigham and Women's Hospital Psychiatry Department who says children of overly strict parents are more likely to use pot, tobacco, and alcohol.

School Lunches

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with researcher Alisha Farris at Virginia Tech University about how those school lunches are probably healthier than those home-packed lunches.

Laundry Pods

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Gary Smith at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, about how more than 700 children under age 6 were hospitalized in the last two years after ingesting laundry pods, which can look like large pieces of candy.

Teen Bedtimes

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Lauren Asarnow, lead author of a study conducted at U.C. Berkeley, who says teens that stay up late have problems in later years.

Teen Choices

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Robin Koval with the anti-smoking Legacy Foundation and the CDC's Doctor Stephanie ZaZa about how teens are making better choices these days.


WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jennifer Grasz at, who says the post-recession workforce has gotten increasingly older leaving less jobs available for the young.

Millennial Credit Cards

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jeanine Skowronski of who says 63 percent of people ages 18 to 29 don't have a single credit card in their wallets because they saw their parents struggle with debt during the years of the great recession.

Fortified Cereals

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with dietician Samantha Heller about how those fortified cereals your kids eat may not be good for them.

Texting and Driving

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett about the dangers of texting and driving and how he's spreading the word.

Reading Unbound

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Michael Smith, a teacher at Temple University and co-author of "Reading Unbound: Why Kids Need to Read What They Want and Why We Should Let Them", about how kids can become better readers no matter what they're reading.

Youth Fitness

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Jaime Gahche with the CDC about how physically fit our children are.

The Cost Of Raising A Child

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with personal finance expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox who says everything is costing parents more these days.

Toddlers And Touch Screens

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Ruth Milanaik at Cohen Children's Center of New York who says a child's use of iPads and iPhones doesn't have any positive effect on the cognitive development of that child.



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