The Parent Report

The Parent Report With Doug Cope

Distracted Drivers

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with John Paul of Southern New England AAA about how teen drivers are distracted these days.


WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Brian King of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the rise in teen use of electronic cigarettes.

The Pre-K Education

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Steve Barnett, President of the National Institute for Early Education Research, about how Pre-K programs are improving.

Kids In Cars

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Kate Bullock, Coordinator of Family Support at the Children's Trust, about the importance of never leaving your small children in the car alone.

Laundry Pods

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Gary Smith at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, about how more than 700 children under age 6 were hospitalized in the last two years after ingesting laundry pods, which can look like large pieces of candy.

More Sleep

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Jyoti Krishna at the Cleveland Clinic about how important sleep is for growing kids and how one of the main reasons why kids aren't getting enough sleep is because parents aren't enforcing the sleep rules.

Movie Ratings

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Dan Romer from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania about how the Journal Pediatrics found the more parents watched violent movies the more they felt it was okay for younger teenagers to view those movies.

My Ideal School

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with a few of the 9th annual "My Ideal School" contest winners.

Top Baby Names

WBZ's Doug Cope reveals today's top baby names.

Teen Drug Use Survey

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Wilson Compton at the National Institute on Drug Abuse about their recent survey of drug use by high school students and how electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular among the young.

Fortified Cereals

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with dietician Samantha Heller about how those fortified cereals your kids eat may not be good for them.

Medication Mistakes

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Henry Spiller, Director of the Central Ohio Poison Control Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital, about how most medication mistakes happened at home.

Sleeping Baby

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Carrie Shapiro-Mendoza, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control's Maternal and Infant Health Branch, about how more than half of the infants in the U.S. are still placed to sleep with bedding that can be harmful.

Teen Choices

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Robin Koval with the anti-smoking Legacy Foundation and the CDC's Doctor Stephanie ZaZa about how teens are making better choices these days.

Video Games

WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Andy Pryzbylski, author of a study in the Journal Pediatrics, about how some video game use by kids is actually good.