World Class Millions

Trustee David Spillane picked up the prize at lottery headquarters in Braintree, July 2, 2015. (Photo credit: Mass. Lottery)

Third Of 4 $15 Million Lottery Tickets Claimed

There is just one more $15 million scratch lottery ticket out there somewhere in Massachusetts.


Michael Milford and his fiancée Allison Gilgun. (Photo credit: Mass. Lottery)

Second Of 4 $15 Million Lottery Tickets Claimed

For just the second time in Massachusetts Lottery history, someone has won $15 million from a scratch ticket.


Joseph Kelley of Randolph won $1 million. (Massachusetts State Lottery photo)

Randolph Man Wins $1 Million In Second Chance Lottery Game

Joseph Kelley of Randolph snagged a major lottery win in a second chance drawing.



Daily Talker: Mass. Lottery Announces $30 Scratch Ticket

The Massachusetts Lottery is announcing its most expensive “scratch” ticket in history — with its largest instant win prize as well.

The “World Class Millions” instant ticket will cost $30 a piece, features more than $600 million in total prices, including four $15 million and 36 $1 million prizes. There are also more than 1.39 million prizes that range from $100 to $50,000.


World Class Millions is a $30 scratch ticket. (Mass. Lottery)

$30 Scratch Ticket Now Available In Mass.

A $30 scratch ticket is now available in Massachusetts.