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Why Older Women Are More Satisfied With Their Sex Life

Many believe that as a woman ages, she becomes less satisfied with her sex life. But new research suggests it’s just the opposite.


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Who Needs More Sleep, Men Or Women?

When it comes to sleep, not everyone is created equally. Research shows men say they can function well on just 6.2 hours of sleep, while women say they need 6.8 hours.


Who Lies More, Men Or Women?

The truth could get us in trouble sometimes. But which gender is a bigger bender of the facts?



Research Could Pinpoint Postpartum Depression Risks

Local researchers have started a study to see if they can identify women who are at high risk of developing the condition.


"The Brady Bunch" cast: Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams, Ann B. Davis, Florence Henderson and Robert Reed (l-r) (AP Photo)

Keller @ Large: Brady Bunch Creator Sherwood Schwartz & American Women

Unless you grew up over the past four decades in one of the few American households without a television, you know – and have been seriously affected by – Sherwood Schwartz’s work


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More Women Ditching The Color To Go Gray

Many women are choosing to go gray naturally instead of running to the colorist.


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Curious Why Women Feel Colder Than Men

Whether it’s the dead of winter with temperatures below zero, or middle of summer with the sun shining brightly, while men seem to be fine, some women seem to always be cold.


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Brookline Attacks Have Residents, Police On Alert

Brookline police are looking for a suspect they believe is responsible for attacks on two women this week in neighborhoods near Boston University.


Massachusetts State House in Boston (credit: AP)

One Step Back: Women Lose Legislative Power On Beacon Hill

The 2010 elections in Massachusetts took a toll on women in both the House and Senate.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–11/10/2010


Boston-area Women Train For Construction Jobs

More women are entering into careers once dominated by men.