Winter Weather


Winter Storm Brewing

Today will be sunny and cold as highs only hang near the middle 30s. Clouds will be taking over this evening ahead of this big winter storm…Winter’s last hurrah, literally! Tomorrow, the last full day of Winter, will look like a winter wonderland for most of us.


A woman clears snow off her car on Newbury Street during a storm  March 8, 2013 in Boston. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

‘Potent’ Storm Headed Our Way

I wish it were a just a cruel joke…just as much of the landscape in Southern New England is finally turning from white to green and the first signs of spring are popping up and sprouting through the ground, yet another potent winter storm is on its way.


A second home that collapsed in Plum Island.

Building Inspector: Dozens Of Plum Island Homes In Danger After Storm

Newbury’s building inspector says as many as 40 shoreline homes on Plum Island are in danger following a storm last week that knocked down two houses and has forced the bulldozing of a third.


Singing Beach. (Photo by Karen Twomey)

North Shore’s Singing Beach Hit Hard By March Storm

The storm was not limited to places like Plum Island, Scituate and Marshfield, at Singing Beach a retaining wall crumpled and residents barely recognize their beach.


A second home that collapsed in Plum Island.

Third Plum Island Home To Be Torn Down Monday, Four Others On The Brink

Officials on Plum Island say another oceanfront home will be torn down Monday and several others could also come down in the coming days.


Snow in Middleboro. (Photo courtesy: Paul Bryant)

Why Did We Get So Much More Snow Than Expected?

Why did we get so much more snow than expected Friday?


The latest snow totals map.

Snow Could Hit 2 Feet In Some Areas, Coastal Flooding Still A Concern

Snow totals are widely variable throughout the region with just a few inches in some areas all the way up 12-to-24 inches in parts of Worcester County and southeastern Massachusetts.


marshfield stuck truck

Video Roundup: March Storm Batters Mass.

From Plum Island to the Cape, residents are facing heavy snow, rain, wind and flooding.


(Photo courtesy: Keith Barber)

Snow Brings Commute To Crawl, Coastal Concerns Rise

By this evening skies will begin to clear out and winds will be dying down. Consequently, the evening commute won’t be as tough as this morning.



Countdown ‘Til The End

The storm will slowly wind down this afternoon as the storm departs to our east.





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