Winter Preview

One of the homes damaged by the erosion on Plum Island. (WBZ-TV)

Eye On Weather: Preserving The Coastline After A Winter Beating

Last winter left a battered and bruised coastline that in some areas was completely rearranged.


One of the road weather information systems in Massachusetts. (WBZ-TV)

Eye On Weather: Staying Ahead Of Storms With Road Information Systems

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is putting new technology on our roads to make them safer during the winter.



Eye On Weather: The I Scale – How It Works

In New England, we are accustomed to measuring each storm by the amount of snow it will drop, but the true measure of a storm should encompass more than just snowfall amounts, it should measure how the upcoming storm is going to IMPACT you.


The Coast Guard practicing a rescue in Boston Harbor. (WBZ-TV)

Eye On Weather: U.S. Coast Guard Prepared For All Hazardous Conditions

The United States Coast Guard has to operate in anything that Mother Nature throws at New England.


Snow covered cars on Commonwealth Avenue on February 9, 2013 in Brighton. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Eye On Weather: 2014 Winter Forecast

So how much cold and snow can we expect this winter?



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