Uninstall QuickTime For Windows Immediately, Government UrgesAnyone running QuickTime on their Windows computer is being urged by the government to uninstall the program right away.
99 Great Ways To Save, In Your Home, From The AARP BulletinFor the last five summers AARP has produced an article in their in July Bulletin on 99 Ways to Save. Here are ways to save in your home.
South Boston Condo Owner Fined $25 A Day For Hanging American Flag In WindowA condo owner in South Boston is now being fined $25 a day for hanging an American flag in his window.
Dress Up Your WindowsBy remembering to take these easy steps before shopping, most do-it-yourself home decorators will find success.
MIT Profs. Turn Windows Into Electricity-Generating Solar PanelsUsing a clear film on windows, professors at MIT have come up with a more cost-effective way to generate electricity which could revolutionize the way we gather the sun's energy.
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Curious Why XMas Candles Still Burn In WindowsThe wars in Afghanistan and Iraq play into the answer to a curiosity we received from Jill in Rockland. She's noticed that several homes still have...