'Embarrassed' Ben Affleck Regrets Asking PBS To Exclude Slave-Holding AncestorBen Affleck says he regrets his actions after leaked emails show that he asked a PBS program not to reveal that he had a slave-owning ancestor.
Opinion: Democrats Take Their Turn With Gaffes And Negative Press At ConventionCommonly referred to as “what goes around, comes around’, the Republicans are finding plenty to take shots at as the Democrats conduct their week in the ‘often dubious’ political spotlight called “the Convention”.
Cambridge Man Sues Government Over Wikileaks Laptop SeizureAn outspoken advocate for an Army private accused of funneling classified documents to Wikileaks filed suit Friday, claiming federal agents illegally seized confidential information from him at a Chicago airport.
Clinton Spokesman Resigns After WikiLeaks Comments At MITChief State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley quit on Sunday after causing a stir by describing the military's treatment of the suspected WikiLeaks leaker as "ridiculous" and "stupid."
Keller @ Large: Do You Really Want The Full Truth?And let’s be candid – do we really want to know the full truth of what’s going on – even in our personal lives?
Harvard Professor Has Mixed Feelings About WikiLeaksA respected Harvard educator says the release of thousands private transmissions on WikiLeaks will hurt U.S. diplomatic relations. Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve found out the same professor also supports the right of the media to make this material public.
Vigilance My Friends....Disaster Still Lurks !!There are some many things in today's world I don't understand, but at or near the top of those "things" is WikiLeaks. I'm not sure how it started nor how it will end, but if it doesn't include someone being indicted and convicted for treason and subsequently hanged in the public square, this country is in much sadder shape than we already know that it is.
Keller @ Large: What International Diplomacy Is Really AboutPrivate First Class Bradley Manning is in big trouble. He is the Army intelligence analyst who allegedly downloaded and leaked hundreds of thousands of classified state department documents to the website Wikileaks, which in turn is making them public.
Pentagon begins full criminal probe of leaks
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US documents leaked online give inside look at war
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