Whitey Bulger's Assets To Be Auctioned Off For Victims' FamiliesThe proceeds will go to the families of several people murdered by Bulger or his associates, as well as several people the court found Bulger extorted.
Whitey Bulger To Students: Crime Doesn't PayBulger is handing out some sage advice to a group of local teenagers who profiled him for a history project.
Whitey, Cigarettes, Obama, Casinos, O'Reilly... It's not the Goldberg show....it's the O'Reilly show....but if last night is an indication of how obnoxious he's going to get........."GO PIERS!!!" Scratch that.....I'll switch to "Swamp People" before i ever watch that phony Brit.
Make It Hard To Gamble And Even Harder To Vote I'm hearing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the biggest bookmaker in the business since Whitey was forced to move, is now contemplating a plan to allow the gamblers to buy lottery tickets on-line. You've got to be kidding me!