Weight Loss

Steps To Good Health Facebook Page (screenshot)

People Sharing Weight-Loss Tips On Facebook Page

Many people are sharing their diet success tips on a Facebook page.



I-Team: Dangerous Diet Supplements

What could be better than a two-day diet? That is what a supplement imported from Japan promises hopeful dieters.


The USDA doesn’t officially offer any opinion about whether organic food is safer or more nutritious than non-organic food. It only says that organic standards have been met. This includes the companies that handle or process the foods before they get to the supermarket. That said, organic foods have lower levels of artificial pesticides, are not genetically modified, don’t have artificial hormones, and reduce your exposure to antibiotics.

Weight Watchers Revamps Point System

For the first time in years, Weight Watchers is revamping its tried and true program.



The Parent Report

WBZ’s Doug Cope says Massachusetts has to cut the fat in more than one way.




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