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Eric Fisher

Timing The Rain & Sun This Weekend

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Alright no beating around the bush tonight! It’s a big weekend. There are many Commencements going on across the region. Proms hang in the balance. Brides stare grimly […]


Eric Fisher

A Better Looking Weekend Forecast!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Gorgeous day on Cape Cod. Beaches still empty too…— CapeCodWeather.Net (@capecodweather) May 15, 2014 May is a month when the feel of summer visits from time to […]


Eric Fisher

California On Fire – Wildfires Rage

It’s going to be a long spring/summer/fall across the west.


Eric Fisher

Evasive Sunshine Ahead

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Courtesy: Ryan Knapp – Observer, Mount Washington Observatory It wasn’t ALL bad on Tuesday. I’ll give you some pros. Firstly, this beautiful rainbow that graced the summit of […]


A Closer Look At The National Climate Assessment

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook The most frustrating thing when it comes to talking about our climate? Talking about our climate. Over the years it has taken on this political slant that now […]


Eric Fisher

On The Hunt For May Warmth

I feel like spring is one of those seasons that we all remember as beautiful, but definitely carries with it plenty of speed bumps along the way in real-time.



May Is Here, Mild Air Returns!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Well as expected we managed to salvage a pretty solid Thursday evening as the skies finally cleared up and temperatures popped into the 60s. My eyes may have […]



Stunning Imagery From April 27th-30th Severe Weather Outbreak

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Even when it’s turning tragic, one can’t help but notice the stunning power and spectacle of weather. We’re seeing it at work this week as numerous severe storms […]


Eric Fisher

Blocked Up Weather Pattern Ahead

From the ‘it could be worse’ files…


Eric Fisher

Hail Moves Out, Wind Moves In

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook    Hail stacking up in Chatham, thanks to Darlene for the photo! Harwich Hail from Brian Powers. The rain washed it all down toward the road, almost looking […]





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