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Get Ready For The Ride

What a beautiful day yesterday! I went for a walk with my sister along the Charles and we weren’t the only ones out and about soaking up the warm air. Everyone seemed to have an […]



Mild Saturday, Cold Sunday

It wasn’t your imagination…the first week of March very cold! In fact, today will be the first day of above average temperatures for the month of March – so get out there and enjoy it! […]


Eric Fisher

Weekend ‘Warmth’ and Next Week’s Uncertainty

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook It’s all relative. That sums up the general feel of weather around here lately (and truly, all the time). Our memories are short, our senses recalling just recent […]


Eric Fisher

Frozen Lakes & Return of El Nino

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook We all know it’s been cold. I actually have been cringing each time I receive a weather toss from Lisa or Jonathan, knowing that only a few people […]



One Last Frigid Night, Then A Break!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook I had to chuckle today when so many people mentioned how ‘nice’ it was out and how much ‘better’ it felt. Shows what we’ve been going through here […]


Eric Fisher

Subzero Wind Chill. In March.

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook The freezer door is still open, and the Canadians refuse to close it. A few of you may have checked the calendar today to confirm that it is […]


Temp Turn…

This has been one long cold stretch and while it will stay pretty cold the next few days temps look to turn around over the weekend! If you are looking for warmer air you first need to look aloft…about 6000 feet up in fact. We look to this level of the atmosphere for clues on how warm or cold the air at the surface will be. Although the air 6000 feet up is still very cold, with some sunshine, mixing and the right wind direction, that air will sink down to the surface and as it does it gets compressed and therefore warms up…sometimes more than 30 degrees from that 6000 foot level.


Eric Fisher

Few Flakes & Cold Before The ‘Warm-up’

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Hello all! If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, you may have noticed an absence over the past few days. I retreated to Florida for a couple […]


nov11TEMPGRAPH (2)

Storm Misses, Cold Air Stays

The cold front that came through earlier today will continue to slide offshore tonight, eventually stalling to our south. Low pressure will track along this boundary, grazing the Cape/Islands with some snow overnight into Monday […]



Over the past 24 hours computer guidance has been suppressing the storm to our south minimizing the impact and lowering the snow amounts for Sunday night and Monday…that trend continues. What was once looking like a sizable snowstorm is now looking like no big deal.