Taking Back Boston: Team Gifford And Project HopeTwo days after the bombings last April, my 19-year old son Matthew called me at work and asked if I would help him train for the 2014 Boston Marathon.
VIDEO: Volunteering At The Boston Marathon Is A 'Family Tradition'For Skylar and Gloria Webster, volunteering at the Boston Marathon has become a family tradition.
From Best Buddies To Marathon BuddiesCraig Welton and Alosha (Big A) O’Brien are taking the concept of “training buddy” to a whole new level as they embark on their journey along the historic route from Hopkinton to Boston on Marathon Monday.
VIDEO: Share Your Love For Boston: #WeRunTogetherWe cheer together. We inspire together. We honor together. And now, #WeRunTogether in the 2014 Boston Marathon.
VIDEO: Brenna McCarthy Is Running Boston“We’re all in this together. And we’re going to cross Boylston Street, and we’re going to celebrate – all of us.”
Desiree Linden: Stepping Outside the Comfort ZoneDesiree Linden returns to Boston ready to race and seek the title. In 2011 she narrowly missed winning by two seconds.
Motivation MondayWhat’s important to you? Is it to prove to yourself you can push beyond what you previously thought you could do?
Who Was With You On Your Run Today?Did you log your miles with your usual running buddies? Maybe your four-legged best friend trotted faithfully alongside you?
In All Conditions - We Run TogetherDid someone say it was too cold to run outside? Those are words that should never be spoken when you live in New England and you are a runner.
'Just Keep Running. Just Keep Running'During the long hours of training I chant this mantra every time my physical exhaustion threatens to overtake my mental determination.
VIDEO: We Run TogetherThe 2014 Boston Marathon theme, We Run Together, captures the connectivity that exists in the running community and everyone who touches it – family, friends, volunteers, and fans.