Snapshot of mid morning temps (9 am)

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Power outages continue to climb through the tens of thousands in northern New England this morning along with damage reports from accumulating ice in northern VT and parts of Maine.  How is this storm going […]


Did you know? Eric is a huge New England sports fan. In fact, he is a Red Sox season ticket holder, and he held onto his tickets even when living in Atlanta.  
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October Here, But Chilly Weather Is Not!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook September has slipped away, but we will remember it fondly. What a month for weather across New England. It rained just once in the closing 17 days, and […]


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Boston Chases Record High Temperature On Friday

Today, we are going to be even warmer. Temperatures will reach well into the 60s and make a run at 70 degrees in a few towns, including Boston. If we were to reach 70 in Boston, that would tie the record for this date which was set back in 1999.