Donnie Wahlberg Accepts Apology From Calif. Newspaper For 'Eat Like A Southie' HeadlineA California newspaper is apologizing after Donnie Wahlberg called them out.
Donnie Wahlberg Responds To Calif. Newspaper's 'Eat Like A Southie' BlunderWahlburgers has come to California, but apparently, people there have a little homework to do on the Massachusetts-based chain.
Former Wahlburgers Employees Sue Over Denied Wages, TipsThey claim Wahlburgers failed to pay them the proper minimum wage and regularly kept tips designated for servers.
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Wahlbergs Starring In New Reality Show About Hingham Burger RestaurantA&E network is feasting on the Wahlberg brothers, who will star in a new reality show titled "Wahlburgers" and set in the family's Hingham restaurant.
Phantom Gourmet: Wahlburgers In HinghamThe hottest new burger joint this side of Hollywood, Walhburgers, is the newest creation of chef Paul Wahlberg, and his famous actor brothers Mark and Donnie.