Exit Polls: New Hampshire GOP Voters Feel Betrayed By PartyRepublican voters say the economy, government spending and terrorism are the most important issues facing the country.
OMG America.....What Have You Done?Oh yes there was disappointment, disbelief, anger and sadness, but tossin' and turnin' in my bed from about 1 a.m. to nearly 5 a.m.......the one emotion I've settled on is "embarassement"......embarassement for Uncle Sam....and embarassement for the millions of Americans who believe they did the right thing.
Don’t Mention ItRather than risk the wrath of presumed friends or hard to scuttle relatives, it is now suggestible NOT to reveal who you plan on voting for in this election.
Keller @ Large: Women Voters Misunderstood And StereotypedLeave it to women to listen before leaping, and refusing to be led by the nose by those who take them for granted.
Bradley Jay: ‘Debates Matter!’Click play to take a look at this Jay Talking video to see how many voters actually consider the debates before casting their vote.
Keller @ Large: Voters Can See Through The NonsenseIn our kindergarten political culture, thank goodness for the adult supervision of voters, who know good men when they see them, and ignore the squealing of the less distinguished.
Activists Use Dead Voters' Names At NH PrimaryThe secretly recorded video shows activists requesting ballots for recently deceased voters. In most cases, they receive the ballot with no questions asked.
Keller @ Large: Voters To BlameYes, Congressman Hoyer is right, we voters have only ourselves to blame for the blind partisans we’ve elected. In both parties.
Patrick Opposes Mass. Bills Requiring Voter IDsGov. Deval Patrick is vowing to reject any bills that he said would make it harder for voters to cast ballots in Massachusetts.
Keller @ Large: Voters To Blame For Debt MessGridlock, chaos, and 11th hour can-kicking? Of course that’s what we’re getting. That’s exactly what we ordered.
Gov. Patrick Signs Bill Extending Simulcasting At Mass. Racetracks Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill allowing the state's racetracks to continue simulcasting greyhound and horse races from other states for another six months.
Process To Recall Lawrence Mayor Has Begun Lawrence city officials have begun a process to possibly recall Mayor William Lantigua.