Big Bank Getting Rid Of Voicemail For Some EmployeesIt's an effort to save money and in recognition that voicemail is slowly being replaced by text messages and emails.
Is This Real Life? 'Gresh After Dentist' Leaves Zo A Hilarious VoicemailRoot canals are no fun, but they sure are funny! Listen to the voicemail Andy Gresh left Scott Zolak Monday afternoon.
Boston City Hall To Have Voicemail For First Time In Menino's TenureWhether it's at home or at work, most everyone is used to having the convenience of voicemail. But for the first time, that convenience will be coming to Boston City Hall employees.
Toucher & Rich: Long Hair And Drugs Go Hand In Hand?Former Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez, who was released by the Oakland A's over the weekend, spent most of the season with the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats. Apparently a fan that watches the games was not impressed with Manny's choice of hair style and thinks long hair is ruining America.
Toucher & Rich: Scalabrine Reenacts An Adolfo VoicemailOn Monday Brian Scalabrine joined the guys live in studio to discuss the Celtics-76ers playoff series, but he got held up in traffic. So as usual someone picked up the phone and called Scal to see where he was and when he'd be arriving, but they never should have let Adolfo call.