US Airways

American Airlines Pilot Dies On Flight To BostonA red-eye flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Boston was diverted to Syracuse Monday morning after one of the pilots suffered a medical emergency and died.
Find The Best Frequent Flyer Program For YouDue to big changes in 2015, consumers may benefit by taking another look at the best frequent flyer programs.
Flight To Manchester, NH Lands After Flames Shoot Out Of EngineThere was a scare in the air for passengers on a flight from Philadelphia to Manchester, New Hampshire Monday morning.
US Airways Plane Hits Truck At Logan AirportA US Airways plane struck a deicing truck at Logan Airport Tuesday.
Security Incident On US Airways Boston-Charlotte FlightThe FBI along with local authorities in North Carolina are investigating a security incident on board a US Airways flight from Boston.
Police: 'Security Incident' On Plane At Logan Not Related To Monday's BombingState Police say a security incident reported on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Boston is not related to Monday's bombings.
American-US Airways Merger Will Impact Logan AirportThe announcement that American Airlines will merge with US Airways will make Logan Airport the most competitive airport in the northeast.
AP Sources: American Airlines, US Airways To MergeAmerican Airlines and US Airways will merge and create the world's biggest airline.
Family Of Teen Who Fell From Airplane On Boston Flight SuesThe family of a teen who fell from the wheel well of a jet in a Boston suburb two years ago is suing Charlotte, its airport and US Airways.
US Airways Flight Diverted To Maine After Woman Claims To Have "Surgically Implanted Device"A US Airways jet flying from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina, was diverted to Maine Tuesday because of a "security issue."
Attorney: Man Who Tried To Open Plane Door Doesn't Remember ItA North Carolina man who authorities say became disoriented and tried to open a cabin door on a US Airways Express commuter jet from Maine to Philadelphia was released on $500 bail Friday.
Jet Lands At Logan Airport After Passenger Tried To Open Door During FlightA regional jet made an emergency landing at Logan Airport Thursday evening after a passenger allegedly tried to open a cockpit door while the plane was in the air.