Salmonella Cases In Massachusetts Linked To Pet TurtlesDozens nationwide have contracted a salmonella infection linked to turtles.
Entangled Leatherback Turtles Rescued In Cape Cod BayA marine coastal studies team has freed two leatherback sea turtles that became tangled in equipment in Cape Cod Bay, and warned mariners to watch out for more of them.
Endangered Sea Turtles Rescued From Mass. Released Back To OceanThey were among 72 Kemp's Ridley sea turtles rescued by the New England Aquarium in November
Hundreds Of Stranded Sea Turtles Saved Off Cape Cod BeachesHundreds of endangered sea turtles have been rescued after washing ashore on Cape Cod Bay beaches.
Dozens Of Sea Turtles Rescued From Cape Cod BeachesIn recent days 45 sea turtles washed ashore beaches on Cape Cod. The young turtles don’t yet know how to properly make their migration, and as a result they were stranded.
Sea Turtles Rescued From South Shore BeachesSea turtles typically wash up on Cape Cod, but this week, two made rare appearances on the South Shore.
10 Rescued Turtles Released Off Cape CodWorkers from the New England Aquarium have released 10 endangered sea turtles back into the wild, months after they were rescued after stranding themselves on Cape Cod.
Endangered Sea Turtles To Be Released On The CapeA boat was headed out Friday night to release 10 endangered sea turtles back into the wild.
Why Are Dead Leatherback Sea Turtles Washing Ashore Off Mass.?It's a troubling sight: giant, endangered turtles turning up dead on the Massachusetts coast.
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