Hidden Poison: Are you Putting Your Child at Risk?Simple items in your home, and not the ones you think, could pose a risk to young children. Learn how to prevent serious injury and take steps now.
Kids & Headaches: Sorting through the PainHeadaches are one of the leading reasons kids miss school and show up at the doctor’s office. Pediatric neurologists talk about the most common causes of child headaches today and what to do about them.
The Current Thinking on TonsillectomyIt’s the third most common operation performed on children in the US. But surgical removal of the tonsils isn’t always the best solution.
Straight Talk: Magic Rods Fix Spine Curvatures in KidsAn innovative new approach is helping children with scoliosis, straightening their spines while limiting surgery.
Headache DiaryUnderstanding the cause of headaches is the first step to preventing them. Print out this simple diary and keep track of your child’s headaches. Bring to your son or daughter’s next pediatrician appointment.
Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?It is the generation of mobile phones, online streaming and video games. But what is the impact of too much screen time on our teens? Floating Hospital experts weigh in.
Driven to Distraction: Keeping Kids Safe In & Out of Vehicles
Tufts Surgeons Perform 2 Double Transplants On Same DayTransplant teams at Tufts Medical Center had to go into overdrive when organs for two patients became available on the same day.
Heads Up: Know The Signs Of ConcussionWhat physical injury sends more people to the doctor in Massachusetts than anywhere else in the country? New data from insurance claims and elsewhere suggests a surprising answer -- concussion.
Can a Protein Prevent Migraine?Early study results suggest biologics can stop migraine headaches before they start.
Time Is Brain: Recognize The Signs of a StrokeDr. Lester Leung. Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Tufts Medical Center offers tips on what one should do should they suffer a stroke.
A Stroke of Luck for PFO PatientsAt the age of 38 Michelle Cahill suffered a stroke.

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