Children May Have Been Exposed To Tuberculosis At Brookline Day CareAuthorities from the Department of Public Health will be at a day care center in Brookline Tuesday evening to address any concerns about a tuberculosis case there.
Hundreds At Lynn Clinic Being Tested After Tuberculosis DiagnosisDoctors are trying to warn patients at a Lynn health center after a man diagnosed with tuberculosis may have come in contact with as many as 1,000 people.
Brandeis University Student Treated For TuberculosisAbout 250 students, faculty and staff members at Brandeis University in Waltham will have to be tested for Tuberculosis after doctors diagnosed a student at the school with the illness
Boston Latin Student Diagnosed With TuberculosisThe Boston Public Health Commission has identified a small group of teachers and classmates who had prolonged contact with the student and could be infected.
Concord, NH Student Diagnosed With Tuberculosis The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is investigating whether any other students or staff at a Concord elementary school have been exposed to tuberculosis after a student was diagnosed with the disease.
Looking At The Law: Flying With TuberculosisWBZ's Neil Chayet says if you've got TB, you may be allowed to fly.
Worcester Teacher Tests Positive For TuberculosisAbout 100 students and staff at a Worcester elementary school will be tested for tuberculosis after a teacher was diagnosed with the lung disease.