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All Things Travel: Transportation Agencies Begin New Era Of Cooperation

A new era of cooperation between Massachusetts state transportation agencies will begin Thursday at Logan Airport.


File image of TSA agent (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

I-Team: Woman Says TSA Agent Stole Jewels At Logan Airport

Terri Ivester was on her way to a family christening in Chicago when she ran into a snag at the security checkpoint at Logan Airport.


The image seen by TSA screeners on the new body scanners. (Credit: Michelle Roberts, WBZ-TV)

New Body Scanners Come To Logan Airport

Logan Airport is getting 27 new body scanners to help move passengers through security faster and with more privacy.


Logan Airport air traffic control tower (File image/ C.J. GUNTHER/AFP/Getty Images)

TSA Moves To Fire 6 Logan Bag Screeners, Suspend 14 Others

The Transportation Security Administration has moved to fire six bag-screeners and suspend 14 others at Logan International Airport in Boston for performing inadequate luggage checks.


Rep. Keating Calls For Congressional Hearings On Logan Racial Profiling Allegations

U.S. Rep. William Keating has called for a congressional hearings into allegations of racial profiling by Transportation Security Administration officers at Boston’s Logan International Airport.


Logan International Airport. (Photo credit: C.J. GUNTHER/AFP/Getty Images)

Keller @ Large: TSA Racial Profiling Accusations Disgraceful If True

Even though progress has been made toward curbing it, no one with a clue argues that racial profiling is a thing of the past in our law enforcement culture.


Logan International Airport. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Report: Racial Profiling Rampant In TSA’s Logan Airport ‘Behavior Detection’ Program

More than 30 TSA officers at Logan Airport have come forward, claiming a new program intended to help flag possible terrorists based on passengers’ mannerisms has led to rampant racial profiling, according to a report by the New York Times.


A sign informs travelers about Millimeter Wave Detection technology used in full body scanners. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Many Female Travelers Feel Targeted By TSA Agents

Some female travelers are concerned that TSA agents may be looking for more than concealed weapons. One woman believes agents were gawking at her naked image.


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TSA Defends Cupcake Confiscation From Mass. Woman

The TSA says Rebecca Hains of Peabody was not allowed to take her cupcake into the plane because the icing in the jar exceeded amounts of gels allowed in carry-on luggage.


Logan International Airport. (Photo credit: C.J. GUNTHER/AFP/Getty Images)

TSA Finds Shotgun Shell In Man’s Carry-On At Logan Airport

A person was detained at Logan Airport on Saturday after TSA officials found a shotgun shell in his carry-on bag.