Daily Talker: Should The Federal Government Regulate Smartphone Map Apps?More and more people are using mapping programs on smartphones to help them get around and to avoid traffic jams. Now federal regulators say they want some oversight over these apps. According to the New York Times, the Transportation Department is asking Congress for this authority, saying it already has authority over navigation aids. Language in a new transportation bill would allow the government to set restrictions on apps, and order changes if regulators determine they are unsafe, in the same way mechanical features are regulated.
'Plows Use Caution' Sign - Necessity Or Waste Of Money?Have you seen the road signs that have been springing up on approaches to bridges? They read: "Plows Use Caution." Are they a big waste of money, or a safety necessity?
Some Dangerous Big Dig Handrails To Be RemovedThe state will remove or cover thousands of feet of handrails in the Big Dig tunnels that have been connected to the deaths of eight people, including a state trooper.
Roxbury Building Owner Cited For Tow Truck DamageA one-two punch for the owner of an apartment building in Roxbury this week.