The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

State Begins Swapping Fast Lane For E-Z Pass Signs

Massachusetts’ change from Fast Lane to E-ZPass gets underway this weekend.


The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

Fast Lane Changing To E-ZPass In Massachusetts

The automated toll collection system on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Tobin Bridge and the airport tunnels is changing names to make it less confusing for out-of-state drivers and improve traffic flow.


(File photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Commuting Can Lead To Mental And Physical Health Issues

Gas, tolls, and train tickets are not the only costs of our commute. All those miles and minutes could be affecting our health.


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Keller @ Large: Time To Face Reality – Gas Tax And Tolls

I don’t want to pay more for gas or tolls either. But we cannot have a viable economy without usable roads and bridges and functioning, reasonably affordable public transit.


Open road tolling in Hampton, NH.

NH To Spend Millions On New Open Road Tolling Project

Open road tolling allows people with EZ Pass and Fast Lane transponders to zip through without slowing down.


The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

Mass. Ditches Honor System To Crack Down On Toll Evaders

Massachusetts is joining forces with New Hampshire and Maine so each state can have better luck getting scofflaws to pay.


Taxis must pay a $5.25 toll to go back into the city from East Boston.

East Boston Man Gets Wild Ride After Refusing To Pay Taxi Toll

An East Boston man says a taxi driver took him on a wild ride because he refused to hand over extra money for tolls.


File Image of the Allston Brighton Tolls.

Zappos To Foot The Bill On Boston Mass. Pike Tolls Wednesday Evening

If you’re driving through Boston Wednesday evening, you might consider taking the Mass Turnpike. It’s free!


Massachusetts Turnpike

Tropical Storm Irene: Tolls Waived On Mass Pike Until 10 p.m.

If you absolutely have to drive during Tropical Storm Irene Sunday you will get a free ride on the Massachusetts Turnpike.


Richard Davey, left, with Gov. Deval Patrick and Jeffrey Mullan, right at the State House news conference Thursday. (photo by Diana Perez)

Keller @ Large: Can Anyone Save Transportation Department?

So now we’re all used to paying less than other comparable cities for transit, and guess what? You get what you pay for.