Gov. Deval Patrick (Photo courtesy: Scott Eisen/Governor's Office)

Gov. Patrick Says Transportation Compromise Lacking

Gov. Deval Patrick has told lawmakers that he cannot accept a compromise transportation funding bill in its current form.


Toll collector on Mass. Pike

I-Team: Toll Collectors Accused Of Pocketing Thousands From Mass. Pike Drivers

The I-Team obtained hundreds of complaints filed with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation involving toll collectors accused of having sticky fingers.


Car bypassing toll near Logan Airport

Off-Duty Police Officers Ordered To Start Paying Tolls At Logan Airport

An I-Team investigation showed how off-duty law enforcement officers in their personal cars were using a restricted road to escape paying the $3.50 toll at the Ted Williams Tunnel.


Car bypassing toll near Logan Airport

I-Team: Police Officers Bypass Expensive Toll In Boston

No one likes paying tolls, especially leaving Logan Airport at the entrance to the Ted Williams Tunnel. It’s $3.50 for passenger cars but the I-Team found a select few are not paying a dime.


Open road tolling in Hampton, NH.

Toll Collectors May Become Thing Of The Past In Mass.

Open Road Tolling could finally be a reality in Massachusetts. That means no more slowing down to pay the toll. The changes come at a cost: hundreds of jobs.


The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

Court Tosses Lawsuit On Mass. Pike Tolls

The highest court in Massachusetts has dismissed a lawsuit that claimed tolls on the Pike were illegally being used to pay for the Big Dig highway project through downtown Boston.


Allston/Brighton Tolls

Music To Our Ears: Allston/Brighton Tolls Free For One Hour Friday

This will be music to commuters’ ears. The Allston/Brighton tolls will be free on Friday June 22 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.


The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

State Begins Swapping Fast Lane For E-Z Pass Signs

Massachusetts’ change from Fast Lane to E-ZPass gets underway this weekend.


The Weston toll booths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (file image)

Fast Lane Changing To E-ZPass In Massachusetts

The automated toll collection system on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Tobin Bridge and the airport tunnels is changing names to make it less confusing for out-of-state drivers and improve traffic flow.


(File photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Commuting Can Lead To Mental And Physical Health Issues

Gas, tolls, and train tickets are not the only costs of our commute. All those miles and minutes could be affecting our health.





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