A Soaking...Just three of the first twelve days this month have measurable rainfall tallying a measly .05"...yeah, that's going to change tomorrow.
Stormy MidweekWe are wrapping up a couple of beauties..now as we look ahead, the weather will be headed downhill. An area of low pressure in the Great Lakes will throw a strong front at us Wednesday. The system has a lot of upper level energy, driven by a strong jetstream for this time of year.
Nice Couple of Days...The high yesterday in Boston was 92...just the 4th time this year that Logan has reached 90. There won't be a 5th today...a coldfront has slipped through and temps have fallen and leveled off in the 70s and the humidity will ease throughout the afternoon.
Heating Up...We spent three straight days in the 70s here in Boston and now we are on the cusp of some heat. Temps will warm today and top out in the 85-90 degree range with increasing amounts of humidity.
Week Of Sharks: Great White Shark Population GrowingThe great white shark population is exploding and that has some people surprisingly happy.
On to the Weekend...It was a sweet way to finish up a rain filled week...highs in the 70s and lower 80s...low humidity and lots of sunshine. The hope is that this weather will spill into the weekend and some of it will.
It's On the Way...
Severe Thunderstorms...The air certainly feels different today with dew points in the lower 70s...there is ample moisture surging northward up the Eastern Seaboard a key ingredient for strong to severe thunderstorms. Another ingredient is the sun...it heats the air near the ground so that it can rise into the sky forming towering thunderheads.
Hurricane Arthur Soaks Southern New EnglandHurricane Arthur is coming this way and will likely pass 50 miles or so east of Nantucket Friday night.
Hurricane Arthur Moves NorthWe are now cautiously optimistic that most of the festivities should go off without a hitch (or a storm).
Storm Threat...While all eyes are on Hurricane Arthur right now...we need to monitor the thunderstorm situation this afternoon and most importantly this evening with Boston Pops Concert and fireworks at the Hatch Shell. Right now the air is primed for storm development...very warm and humid...and scattered storms are likely this afternoon.
Tropical Storm Arthur Could Washout 4th Of July Fireworks In BostonThe latest data almost assures us of a washout in most of eastern New England Friday afternoon and night.