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Todd Gutner


SE Mass, Cape And Islands To Get Worst Of Wednesday Snow Storm

Here is what you should expect, inch-by-inch, hour-by-hour.



Winter’s Last Gasp…

The calendar may say Spring but Winter is going strong. Temps these next few days will be very cold…average highs for this part of the month are in the upper 40s…our highs: Monday 29, Tuesday 35 and Wednesday 35. Along with the cold a large Nor’easter will develop off of Nantucket early Wednesday morning.


(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Path Will Be Key For Potential Major Snow Storm Tuesday-Wednesday

There is a storm in the works and it has the potential to be major, perhaps even historic, IF it is steered closer to New England Tuesday night into Wednesday.


(WBZ-TV graphic)

Spring Officially Here, But Cold, Snow Not Going Anywhere Yet

Ok, so enough is enough. when do we get warm?



Heavy Rain, Light Snow, Flash Freeze All Coming In 24-Hour Storm

In just the next 24 hours, most of you will see rain, ice, snow, street flooding and strong winds. It sounds like a classic springtime storm in New England!


Wednesday storm forecast. (WBZ-TV)

Wednesday Storm: Mainly Wet In Southern New England, Snow In North

Mother Nature is about to serve up a classic taste of March in New England this week, complete with all the fixings – rain, snow, warmth and cold, all in the next few days.


Temp Turn…

This has been one long cold stretch and while it will stay pretty cold the next few days temps look to turn around over the weekend! If you are looking for warmer air you first need to look aloft…about 6000 feet up in fact. We look to this level of the atmosphere for clues on how warm or cold the air at the surface will be. Although the air 6000 feet up is still very cold, with some sunshine, mixing and the right wind direction, that air will sink down to the surface and as it does it gets compressed and therefore warms up…sometimes more than 30 degrees from that 6000 foot level.



Over the past 24 hours computer guidance has been suppressing the storm to our south minimizing the impact and lowering the snow amounts for Sunday night and Monday…that trend continues. What was once looking like a sizable snowstorm is now looking like no big deal.


Snow Map

Plowable Snow Likely Monday Morning In Southern New England

What I think is certain at this point is there will be a large swath of 6-to-10, perhaps up to 12 inches of snow somewhere in the vicinity of southern New England.


Frigid Friday…

Intense snow showers called snow squalls raced through this afternoon leaving behind fresh coatings of snow and ushering in the coldest air mass of the month. It’ll be a frigid Friday with morning lows in the single digits but adding salt on the wound will be the wind…wind chills will approach 20 below as you start you day.