Tip O’Neill Tunnel

Police are looking for the driver of this car as a possible witness to a deadly crash in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel.

Police Seek Witnesses In Deadly Tip O’Neill Tunnel Crash

State Police are trying to track down witnesses from a deadly crash last week in the Tip O’Neill Tunnel.


A man was struck and killed in the Tip O'Neill tunnel.

Pedestrian Struck In Tip O’Neill Tunnel On I-93 In Boston

The crash happened around Exit 20 on the Southbound side Friday morning.


MassDOT surveillance video shows the accident that knocked down ceiling lights at the Tip O'Neill Tunnel on Wednesday.

New Video Shows Accident That Took Down Boston Tunnel’s Ceiling Lights

New video released by MassDOT shows the accident that took down ceiling lights inside the Tip O’Neill Tunnel on Wednesday night.


State Police

Car Carrier Damages Six Lights In Tip O’Neill Tunnel

State Police says a driver will be charged after an accident that damaged 6 lights.


File Image (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

DePaola Says Big Dig Tunnels Are Safe Despite Leaks, Engineer’s Report

The head of the highway department is being accused of downplaying an engineer’s report warning of spiraling costs and safety concerns caused by the Big Dig leaks.