Tide Pods Maker: Don't Blame Us For Kids' 'Poor Judgment'In a Jan. 22 blog post, Proctor & Gamble CEO David Taylor called out teens and young adults who are using the pods in their ill-advised videos.
'Do Not Eat': Gronk Warns Against Dangerous Tide Pod ChallengeThe so-called "Tide Pod Challenge" on the Internet has teens biting into detergent pods.
Legendary Swimmer Diana Nyad “Swim for Relief”
Tide Detergent Stolen, Sold On Black MarketPolice say thieves are stealing Tide detergent and selling it for a fraction of the cost so they can buy drugs.
History In the Making...High Impact Storm Will Cause DamageA historic and powerful Nor'easter will lash New England this afternoon through early Sunday. The most significant threat remains tree and power line damage from heavy, wet snow and strong winds. A secondary threat would be the potential for minor to moderate coastal flooding, particularly during the high tide overnight around 2AM.
The Super Moon Cometh!The last time we saw a moon this large was way back in March of 1993…and if you miss it this year, you will have to wait until the year 2029 to see it again!