Toucher & Rich: The March 31st Mail BagSend in your thoughts to the Toucher & Rich Mail Bag and they might be read by their computer on the show. Today in the Mail Bag Jose Canseco, Adolfo's NFL lockout shirt and Shawn Thornton.
Toucher & Rich: The Mail Bag: The Miami Heat, Shaq-less Celtics, Charlie SheenThe guys paw through The Mail Bag and hit on the Miami Heat, Shaquille O'Neal still missing from the Boston Celtics and Charlie Sheen.
Toucher & Rich: The Mail Bag - Cutler, Jets Loss, Chicago FansToucher & Rich have a computer read your e-mails everyday in the 6am hour. Today people want to rip on Jay Cutler and the New York Jets.
The Toucher & Rich Mail Bag: Foul Balls & FightsToday the guys get messages about keeping foul balls at baseball games, Shawn Thornton's fight against Flordia Panther Darcy Hordichuk and Fred leaves the Bruins game early.
Toucher & Rich: Bruins Shut Out DevilsOn the 1st hour, the Bruins shut out the Devils, Michael Vick and The Mail Bag is opened.
Toucher & Rich: Gronkowski's Big NightOn the 1st hour, the guys talk about the impressive Patriots win, Rob Gronkowski's great performance and the Mail Bag.
Toucher & Rich: Bruins Fall To The CanadiensOn the 1st hour, Fred went to the Bruins game, callers want to talk about the Bruins loss and The Mail Bag.
Toucher & Rich: Heat Lose, Mail Bag, HazingOn the 1st hour, the Celtics head to Miami to take on the Heat, The Mail Bag and is Needham overreacting to the alleged soccer girls hazing?
Toucher & Rich: Celtics, Wade Phillips, The Mail BagOn hour 1, the Celtics winning streak ends, Wade Phillips is fired, magazines at the barbershop and The Mail Bag.
Toucher & Rich: Mangini, Belichick, Mail BagIn the 1st hour, it's Eric Mangini vs. Bill Belichick and The Mail Bag.
Toucher & Rich: Red Sox Exercise Option On OrtizOn hour 1, Kevin Garnett' s trash talk, the Red Sox pick up David Ortiz's option, The Mail Bag and The NFL Network's Top 100.
Toucher & Rich: Celtics Win, Mail BagOn hour 1 of the show, the Celtics beat the Pistons in Detroit and nobody was in the stands to see it.