The Khaki Man Can

(Photo captured from video courtesy of The Phantom Gourmet)

Toucher & Rich: Celebrating The Best Of D.A. With The Khaki Man Can

Damon Amendolara is taking a national gig with CBS Sports Radio and his last local show is this Friday. Toucher & Rich have had a lot of fun with D.A. over the years, and have had some laughs at his expense. So for the next few days, the guys are going to take a listen to some of the best D.A. clips. This one comes from another visit to The Phantom Gourmet.


Toucher & Rich: D.A. On The Phantom Gourmet, The Khaki Man Can

D.A. was on Phantom Gourmet awhile back and Toucher & Rich got some great sound clips. Well he was back at it again this time embracing the jokes that T&R made about his last appearance.

98.5 The Sports Hub–01/05/2012