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Long stem artichoke (courtesy: CBS)

The Fresh Grocer: Long-Stemmed Artichokes

While many chefs may find the long-stemmed artichoke intimidating, Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some tips for making the most of this seemingly impenetrable vegetable.


File of arugula

The Fresh Grocer: All About Arugula

Any time you buy fresh herbs or greens at the supermarket, you run the risk of finding them wilted by the time you’re ready to use them, but Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some storage secrets to share.


Swiss Chard

Fresh Grocer: Preparing Swiss Chard

Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some tips to pick and prepare Swiss Chard.


Red snapper

The Fresh Grocer: Red Snapper Recipe

Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has a recipe that makes use of both the market’s seafood section and produce aisle.


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The Fresh Grocer: Best Buys

Our Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo shows us what’s on sale this week at the supermarkets.



The Fresh Grocer: Hybrid Fruit

Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo introduces you to hybrid fruit.


Red Grapes

The Fresh Grocer: Perfect Red Seedless Grapes

Grapes make the perfect snack this time of year. The Fresh Grocer has some tips on how to pick the perfect bunch.



The Fresh Grocer: Produce Best Buys

Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has tips to help you eat healthy and save money with this week’s best buy from the produce section.


(Photo credit FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Fresh Grocer: Grabbing Green Grapes

Crisp, sweet and refreshing, green grapes make a great summertime snack–but how do you know you’re picking the freshest bunch?


Tony Tantillo shows us how to buy and store fresh sage.

The Fresh Grocer: Buying & Storing Fresh Sage

It gives Thanksgiving stuffing its flavor and shows up in all kinds of summer dishes, too.