Daily Talker: New Year's ResolutionsWhat is your 2015 resolution?
Daily Talker: Should We Reinvent The Columbus Day Holiday?Today is Columbus Day. Some people may think of this as just a day off. Others think about what they learned in school about Christopher Columbus. But now, some cities are voting not to celebrate Columbus Day. Instead, they are trying to reinvent the holiday.
Daily Talker: Texts, Phone Calls During FlightsThe European Aviation Safety Agency recently approved new guidelines that would allow passengers to use their electronics during flights. What do you think of this new guideline that will allow passengers on European-based flights the ability to talk on their cell phone during the entire flight?
Daily Talker: Friendly Fenway Farewell For Jeter?Derek Jeter wrapped up his Yankee Stadium career last night by knocking in the game-winning run in the bottom of the 9th inning to give the Yanks a dramatic walk-off victory. Now, the shortstop comes to Boston to play in the final games of his career. How do you think Red Sox fans should greet Jeter this weekend?
Daily Talker: Mass. Drivers Safest In NationInsurance company Obrella has ranked Massachusetts as the safest state in the U.S. for drivers. The state had 7.37 fatalities per 100,000 drivers. What do think of this new report that ranks Massachusetts drivers as the safest in the country?
Daily Talker: President's Coffee Cup SaluteOn Tuesday, President Obama saluted two Marines while holding a cup of coffee in his hand as he stepped off Marine One. Was President Obama's coffee cup salute disrespectful or was the gesture overblown?
Daily Talker: White House Security ConcernsThe Secret Service is increasing its presence at the White House following two separate incidents Friday and Saturday. Are you concerned about security at the White House? Do you think more needs to be done to keep the White House safe?
Daily Talker: Perfect Job For Brady
Daily Talker: Tracking People Who Text While DrivingA company is developing a device---similar to a radar gun---that would help police catch drivers who are texting behind the wheel. Do you think a device that could catch texting drivers would discourage people from texting behind the wheel?
Daily Talker: Your Take On Everett Casino LicenseThe Massachusetts Gaming Commission has voted to award a casino license to Wynn Resorts proposal in Everett. What do you think of the decision? Will that change how you vote on the referendum in November?
Daily Talker: Cell Phone Sidewalk LaneMany of us can get frustrated when we are walking behind someone who is looking down at their cell phone. What do you think of the idea to create a special sidewalk lane just for cell phone users?
Daily Talker: $11 Million Or Birth Of Child?PGA player Billy Horschel kept playing in a tournament for a chance at $11 million while his pregnant wife approached her due date. Do you think athletes should be present when their wives are due to give birth or keep playing for a big paycheck?