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The Daily Talker


Daily Talker: What Do You Think Of The New Dress Code In Lawrence?

Lawrence Mayor Daniel Rivera is trying to change his city’s image. He’s starting with the dress code.



Daily Talker: What are you teaching your children by always being on your cellphone?

Do you use your cellphone around your children? Are you always on it in front of them? Is it sitting on the table at every meal?


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Daily Talker: Phone-Free Friday

Town asking residents to give up phones and gadgets today, and spend more time face-to-face.


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Daily Talker: Creepy Photos OK By Law?

Should it be illegal to take “upskirt” photos in public places? Did the SJC get it wrong?


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Daily Talker: Teen Sues Parents For Tuition

Should parents have to pay for tuition, college costs for girl who left home over strict rules?


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Daily Talker: South Boston Parade Compromise

As gays and lesbians negotiate to be allowed in the parade, at least one long-time participant says they’re walking away. The Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Harvard announced in a statement Monday that its band will not march in the parade because MassEquality has been allowed to participate. The school’s principal said the school “will not condone or appear to condone the homosexual lifestyle.”



Daily Talker: What Do You Think Of Disney’s Decision To Stop Donating To The Boy Scouts?

The Walt Disney Company plans to stop donating money to the Boy Scouts of America next year because of the group’s ban on gay adult leaders.


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Daily Talker: Was It Disrespectful Of Beyonce To Use The NASA Audio Recording?

NASA doesn’t like the singer’s new song “XO” because it uses NASA’s audio recorded moments after the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.


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Daily Talker: What Are Your Christmas Traditions?

How do you spend the holiday? Do you do anything different?
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


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Daily Talker: How Do You Get The Best Deals And Protect Your Money During The Holiday Season?

We want to know, are you a last-minute shopper? In the wake of the massive security breach at Target stores across the country, are you concerned about the purchases you made this holiday season? How do you get the best deals and protect your money during the holiday season?