Texting While Driving

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NH Supreme Court To Hear ‘Reading Texts While Driving’ Case

The New Hampshire Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday over whether it’s against the law to read texts while driving.


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West Bridgewater Police Stop 51 Drivers In 4 Hours During Texting While Driving Sting

Police are sending a message to drivers and they won’t be sending it via text message.


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CDC: Older Teens Often Text While Behind The Wheel

Think your teen would never text while driving? More than half of high school seniors admitted in a government survey that they’ve done just that.


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Haverhill Texting Prison Sentence: Deterrent To Others?

WBZ-TV set to find out if a prison sentence for texting while driving will serve as a deterrent to others.


Aaron Deveau.

Teen Driver Found Guilty In Fatal Crash Linked To Texting

A teen has been found guilty of motor vehicle homicide in a 2011 fatal car crash linked to texting.


Aaron Deveau took the stand in his defense on Tuesday.

Teen Claims He Was Distracted By Homework, Not Texting Before Fatal 2011 Crash

The teen accused of texting while driving before causing a car accident that claimed the life of a New Hampshire father took the stand in his defense on Tuesday.


Aaron Deveau faces charges in a deadly car crash that happened, prosecutors say, while he was texting behind the wheel.

Trial For Teen Charged With Motor Vehicle Homicide While Texting Begins

A first-of-its-kind trial began in Haverhill on Tuesday.


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Habits That Distract Drivers Are Not Going Away

Distracted driving is a problem for drivers of all ages, but it is particularly hazardous for teenagers.


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Bills Toughening Mass. Texting Law To Be Heard

Proponents of stricter rules against cellphone use while driving in Massachusetts will have a chance to make their case on Beacon Hill this week.


Texting while driving

Bradley Jay: ‘Do People Really Want A Full Cell Phone Driving Ban In The Bay State?’

Will local residents support a ban on talking on the cell phone in the car? if so, will they obey the law they supported? Bradley Jay says ‘No way.




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