Ted Kennedy

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Keller @ Large: Can Mass. Avoid Another Round Of Defense Cuts?

Up to 40,000 Massachusetts jobs could be wiped out if Congress follows through on plans for deep cuts in defense spending.


Sen. Scott Brown (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Brown Declines To Pull Ad Mentioning Ted Kennedy

Sen. Brown says he won’t be pressured by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s son to stop running a radio ad claiming the elder Kennedy’s position is similar to his.


The late Sen. Ted Kennedy (Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Patrick Kennedy: Brown Misrepresenting Father’s Health Care Legacy

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy says his father’s legacy on federal health care legislation is being misrepresented by Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.


Joe Kennedy and Vicki Kennedy (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Keller @ Large: Is There Division In The Kennedy Family?

They were all smiles back in April at the groundbreaking for the Kennedy Institute. But behind the scenes, there’s trouble in Camelot.


(Pictured: RFK, Ted, JFK in 1962) (AP)

Joe Kennedy Reportedly Threatens To Remove RFK Files From JFK Library

RFK’s son, former Congressman Joe Kennedy says his family is considering moving his father’s papers out of the JFK Library and Museum in Dorchester.


Scott Brown

Sen. Brown Has Yet To Hold Town Meeting

Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who won last year’s special election by tapping into populist voter sentiment, has yet to hold a public town hall meeting to take questions from Massachusetts residents.

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Patrick Kennedy Is Engaged

Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, is engaged to sixth-grade schoolteacher Amy Petitgout.


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Keller @ Large: Is Kennedy Brothel Revelation Too Much Information?

FBI files reveal secrets about Ted Kennedy that have been held for 50 years. Is it too much information? Jon Keller is at large.


Senator Scott Brown. (credit: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Sen. Brown: “Reagan Democrats” Helped Me Win Seat

Sen. Scott Brown is crediting so-called “Reagan Democrats” for helping him win the seat once held by Edward Kennedy.


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Kennedy’s Exit From D.C. Marks End Of Era

The Kennedys have held congressional seats, the presidency and the public’s imagination for more than 60 years.