Mass. Taxpayers Won't Get Small Cut In 2017Unlike the previous two years, Massachusetts taxpayers will not enjoy a small income tax cut in 2017.
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I-Team: Higher Ed Commissioner Gets Free Ride At Taxpayer's ExpenseRichard Freeland is the Commissioner of Higher Education. The I-Team has learned taxpayers pick up the tab for the lease on his Chevy Hybrid, and the cost of gas and tolls.
Tax Season: Should You ItemizeClose to 48 million taxpayers take the time to fill out all those formidable long 1040s and use their deductions, over $1 trillion in deductions.
Andover Rep. Agreement Lets House Resume Business A freshman Republican House lawmaker has allowed a spending bill to move forward after winning a verbal agreement from the Patrick administration.
Curious Why Taxpayers Are Footing Dimasi's Trial BillWhen former House Speaker Sal DiMasi goes on trial for corruption the taxpayers will be paying the bill. This despite that DiMasi earned a six-figure salary on Beacon Hill and gets a $5,000 a month pension.