How Do Americans Spend Their Tax Refund?According to a survey, most Americans seem to be responsible when it comes to spending their tax refund.
Be Smart: Use Your Tax Refund WiselyYou've got a hefty check headed your way, thanks to your tax refund. Don't spend it just anywhere. Instead, here are five smarter ways to use your refund money.
Create Memories With That Tax RefundExperiences are more important than owning a closet full of things.
Invest That Tax Refund In Your HouseAdd value to your home and enhance your lifestyle at the same time by investing your refund in your home.
Invest In Your Retirement With That Tax RefundConsider taking that refund and investing it in your future.
Use Your Tax Refund To Pay Down Credit CardsI know there is nothing exciting about this suggestion, but I do know that getting out of credit card debt is a very good thing!
Your Tax RefundA refund is not a windfall! Too many treat it as such. It is a return of your money.
Create Memories With That Tax RefundThings don't make us happy, experiences do!
Invest That Tax Refund In Yourself!The more education and skills you have the more money you will be able to earn. So take that tax refund and invest in yourself!
Invest That Tax Refund In Your RetirementNo one has ever been guilty of saving too much money for retirement!
Get Out Of Credit Card DebtThe nation's credit card debt is almost $860 billion. Use your tax refund as the first step to being debt free.
How To Spend Your Tax RefundThe best part of paying your taxes is probably getting your refund check.