Tax Planning For Next YearGet a jump-start on next year’s taxes. Set up a simple filing system.
Tax Frauds And Scams To Look Out ForBe wary of anyone that wants you to sign a blank return or who refuses to put their name and Social Security number on your return.
How To Use Your Retirement Plans To Lower Taxable IncomeLooking for a tax shelter? The best way to beat taxes is by investing in your retirement plan.
Red Flags That Can Trigger An IRS AuditMost audits are simple paper audits where they send you a letter asking for supporting documentation.
There Are No Tax FairiesWhether you do your taxes yourself or have someone else do them, only you can do the prep work involved.
The Taxes On Your InvestmentsInvestments that you hold for less than a year and then sell are considered short term investments and are taxed as ordinary income.
Get a Bigger Refund from the IRS
Tax Education Credits and DeductionsCollege is very expensive, but Congress and the IRS have given us ways to offset education costs.
Tax Deductions And Credits You Can Take Advantage OfIf you don’t have a receipt and you are audited, the IRS will disallow your contributions.
Should You Itemize This Tax Season?A study by the government found that big bucks are lost annually by taxpayers who don’t take the time to itemize.
Getting Started On Your TaxesThe tax stuff has begun to arrive and for most of us it’s stacked on the kitchen counter.
I-Team: Stolen Tax Refunds On The Rise In Mass.The I-Team has learned Massachusetts is one of the areas of greatest concern. We’ve been told gangs based in the Lawrence area with links to the Dominican Republic are very active in this area.