Brockton Man Dies After Being Tasered By Fall River PoliceA Brockton man subdued by police officers with a stun gun on Monday went into cardiac arrest and died, Fall River Police said Tuesday.
Brewster Man Charged With Assaulting Federal Officer During Parking ArgumentVideo has surfaced showing a Brewster man being tased after a parking violation that got out of control.
Mass. Police Officers Using Tasers More FrequentlyLaw enforcement says it’s an effective way to subdue a subject, without using deadly force.
NH Man Charged With Attempting To Take Officer's Taser During StruggleA Manchester man faces several charges after a struggle with police on Tuesday night.
Toucher & Rich's 'Know Your Armpits Of America' Black Friday EditionIt's a special Black Friday edition of 'Know Your Armpits of America', where Toucher & Rich play some audio of local news stories around the country of people going absolutely crazy the day after Thanksgiving.
Man Tased Outside Target; Allegedly Tried To Steal Bieber ValentinesAn alleged shoplifter was hit with a stun gun as he tried to escape from Target in Milford, according to police.
Video Shows Nashua Police Using Taser On Woman After iPhone DisputeA trip to the mall turned into a violent confrontation for a Newton woman trying to buy iPhones.
Man Arrested After Possible Stun Gun Robbery On Beacon HillA Boston man is under arrest over an armed robbery on Beacon Hill that may have involved a taser.
Police Use Taser On Pelham, NH Teen After Burglary, AssaultA Pelham teen has been arrested for breaking into a home early Sunday morning and attacking two people inside.
Pelham Police Zap Wandering Cow With Taser, Owner FuriousPelham police say they were justified in using a Taser several times on a cow, despite a complaint from its owner.
Cruiser Cam Shows Taser TakedownVideo from a camera mounted on a police cruiser shows a Pelham, New Hampshire police officer using a taser to subdue a suspected drunk driver, walking toward officers with his bare hands outstretched, yelling “Shoot me.”