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Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In New England

New England is known for its strong winter weather, so it’s likely Pats fans will experience bad weather at least once as this season continues. However you feel about snow, Boston can get pretty brutal. No matter how long the winter lasts, spring is sure to follow. Until then, use these tips as part of your bad weather survival guide for Patriots tailgating.


History of Tailgating in New England

The New England Patriots haven’t always been the New England Patriots, nor have they always played at Gillette Stadium. However, despite the changes in the evolution of tailgating and football, one thing has stayed strong: the Patriots’ spirit.


(Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

Top 10 Vehicles Of Tailgating

Cool trucks or unique travel vans ain’t got nothing on these. Check out some of the most badass tailgating vehicles on four wheels.


Baddest Patriots Tailgate Mobiles

If you’re looking for the ultimate tailgate, look no further. Just bring a healthy appetite, because local food doesn’t get any better than this, and be ready to have one really good time with one of the baddest Patriots tailgating mobiles.



Tailgater Profiles for the New England Patriots

If you’re visiting Gillette for the first time, expecting to find the usual tailgates with beer coolers, wings and burgers, you’re in for a true surprise. But if you wear nothing but national colors, sport an American flag and cheer for the Pats, Foxboro will see you as one of their own. Take a look at some of those fans that stand above the rest as legends in New England.



Tailgate Timing For A Patriots Game

When it comes to home games at Gillette Stadium, you’ve got a superb game-day experience packed with Patriots fans from all over New England, great tailgating, beautiful architecture and unobstructed views of the field. Here are some helpful tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed so you can just enjoy the experience.


Follow the 10 commandments of tailgating and have a great time at the Patriots game (Credit: Angie Frissore)

Rules of the Road: The 10 Commandments of Tailgating at Gillette Stadium

The hours leading up to the big Patriots home games at Gillette can be some of the most memorable of the whole day, besides the winning touchdown of course. By following the commandments of tailgating, it will ensure everyone is on time, prepared, in good spirits, safe and has the best time possible.


Whether the team's home or away, Patriots fans can always have fun (Credit: Angie Frissore)

Can’t Make The Trip: Five Weekly Parties That Make You Feel Like You’re At A Patriots Game

Perfect for today’s game or really any time the Patriots play and you don’t have tickets, the locations below are sure to beat out your couch.


Never be without games at a Patriots tailgate (Credit: Angela Frissore)

Five Tailgating Gadgets Every Patriots Fan Should Own

By bringing along the following five products, it is sure to be a warm and entertaining experience with cool drinks and hot football fare.



Tailgating Parking Tips at Gillette Stadium

Patriots fans love a good session of pre- and post-game tailgating. But you can’t really bring all of your favorite tailgating items along without finding a spot for your car. There are a few things to consider and many options of where to park when planning your trip to a football game at Gillette.





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