Synthetic Drugs


I-Team: Teen Dies After One Hit Of Designer Drug NBOMe

Local police departments, district attorneys and federal drug agents are sounding a warning about a powerful designer drug that’s growing in popularity among teenagers.


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$25,000 Worth Of Spice Products Seized In Manchester, NH

New Hampshire authorities have seized over $25,000 worth of a synthetic drug known as spice from a business in Manchester.


Synthetic drugs

Dealers Already Finding Ways Around New Synthetic Drug Ban

A new federal law just went into effect to crack down on these drugs, but there are concerns the drug dealers are already figuring out how to get around these new restrictions.


Bath salts

Bath Salts, Synthetic Marijuana Seized From Hampton, N.H. Storage Unit

Investigators recovered 8.5 kilos of synthetic cannabinoids after conducting a search of a self-storage unit at Box Car Storage.



Mass. Looks To Ban Sale Of Synthetic Drugs

Massachusetts lawmakers will hold a public hearing on a legislation banning the sale of synthetic recreational drugs known as “bath salts.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–10/29/2011