Suzanne Bump

Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Audit: Mass. Spent $48M On Legal Aid Without Proof

Massachusetts has spent nearly $48 million on free legal services for the poor without verifying whether those making the claims are truly indigent.



Auditor Says State Must Cover Homeless Education Costs

Some communities host a disproportionate share of homeless children because many of the motels used by the state for homeless families are located there.


Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Keller @ Large: Bump Discusses Auditor Office Shake-Up

Just a few months into her first term as state auditor, Suzanne Bump caused quite a commotion in her own office. Jon Keller is at large.


Suzanne Bump (courtesy: Suzanne Bump/Facebook)

27 Fired, 12 Demoted In State Auditor Shakeup

The state auditor’s office was actually audited in the last year and found to be lacking in several areas.


Old vote box (CBS file)

Connaughton Bump Debate for Mass Auditor (10/19/2010)

Suzanne Bump and Mary Connaughton debate the issues for the next state auditor.