Protesters Dressed As Turkeys March Outside Offices For Kerry & BrownNow that the super committee in Washington has thrown in the towel, some people are worried about the fate of some social programs.
Keller @ Large: Can Either Party Put The "Permanent Campaign" On Hold?What’s the greatest privilege we enjoy here in our federal republic, the good old USA? Why, the right to vote of course.
Keller @ Large: Super Committee Failure Could Trigger "Devastating" Cuts In Mass.The debt "super committee" is officially throwing in the towel, announcing it could not reach a deal to cut the deficit. Jon Keller is at large with the failure's effect on Mass.
Keller @ Large: No Surprise Supercommittee A FailureThe Republicans don’t have the slightest intention of giving up their love affair with tax cuts, and the Democrats have no intention of seriously curbing the growth of budget-busting entitlement spending.
Keller @ Large: 'Super Committee' Off To Bad StartFor now at least, Washington appears to me to be a hopeless cesspool of partisan selfishness, personal narcissism, and ideological obsession.