Stray Bullet Hits 71-Year-Old Man Sleeping In Lynn ApartmentA 71-year-old Lynn man was hit by a stray bullet that passed through his wall, as well as both of his legs, while he was sleeping.
Elderly Woman Jolted Awake By Stray BulletAn elderly Lowell woman is brushing off a close call after a stray bullet came flying into her home as she slept.
Manchester Family Living In Fear After Bullets Hit Home For Second TimeA Manchester woman in living in fear after her apartment was hit by bullets for the second time in less than a month.
Stray Bullet Goes Through Windshield Of SUV In BrocktonA woman and her five children had gotten out of the SUV just minutes before a bullet flew through the windshield.
Teen Hit By Stray Bullet In Brockton HomeA teenager was struck by a stray bullet inside his home in Brockton Monday night.
Man Grazed In Head By Stray Bullet In Brockton HomeA stray bullet was fired through the ceiling of a Brockton apartment on Sunday evening, grazing a man in the head.
Lynn Woman's Life Changes Forever By Stray BulletA stray bullet was fired from the street right through Cheryl Marino's living room window. It hit a pillow on the couch and then struck her in the chest just as she was reaching for her pocketbook.