Steve Spader

Christopher Gribble (AP Photo/Don Himsel, Pool)

‘Worthless Coward’ Gribble Guilty In NH Home Invasion Murder

A jury quickly found Christopher Gribble guilty of first-degree murder Friday in the brutal 2009 Mont Vernon home invasion.


Steven Spader enters court in Nashua, N.H., Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Don Himsel, Pool)

Keller @ Large: Spader – Death Penalty Poster Boy

The Steven Spader case exposes some glaring weaknesses in the case against the death penalty.


Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley displays a photograph of the Cates family while reaching for a machette allegedly used to kill Kimberly Cates and severely injure her daughter. (AP Photo/Bob Hammerstrom, Pool)

Kimberly Cates’ Mother Testifies In Spader Trial

Kim Cates’ mother identified a piece of jewelry Wednesday that was stolen from her daughter’s Mont Vernon home and later pawned.