Senators To Release State Budget Plan Amid Fiscal WoesA key Senate panel is preparing its version of the state budget amid indications that further belt-tightening may be needed.
House To Consider Amendments To $40B State BudgetThe spending plan calls for an overall 3.8 percent increase in spending in the fiscal year starting July 1.
House Budget Puts Brake On Governor's Medicaid PlanA $40.3 billion House budget plan unveiled Monday puts brakes on Republican Gov. Charlie Baker's plan to assess employers who don't offer health insurance benefits to their workers.
House Panel To Weigh In On State's $40B BudgetLawmakers on Beacon Hill are facing some key financial decisions as they prepare to roll out the latest version of the state's more than $40 billion budget.
Senate Panel To Unveil $40B State BudgetSenate leaders are putting the finishing touches on a nearly $40 billion state budget.
Mass. House Speaker Asks Court To Sort Out Tax Dispute With SenateAmid legislative work on a budget, Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo is asking the state's highest court to weigh in on a Senate-approved measure to freeze the state income tax rate at 5.15 percent while gradually increasing the earned income tax credit for low-income working families.
Baker, Democratic Leaders Signal They Can Work Together On BudgetRepublican Gov. Charlie Baker and Democratic leaders discussed the projected state budget shortfall during his first meeting on Monday.
Senate To Unveil State Budget Plan Democratic leaders in the Massachusetts Senate are preparing to unveil their state budget plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1.
Delay In Boston-Area Casino OK May Squeeze State BudgetBoston bid for host status may keep state from collecting $85 million fee this fiscal year.
Mass. Senate Will Likely Spend Days Debating $34 Billion Budget ProposalThe Massachusetts Senate is likely to spend several days considering a $34 billion state budget proposal.
Galvin: Cities And Towns Should Share Cost Of Special Senate ElectionThe state picked up the entire tab during the last special election in 2010, but this year Bill Galvin wants local communities to share the expense.
Keller @Large: House Speaker Robert DeLeo The proposed Massachusetts budget was one of the topics WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller covered Sunday on “Keller @ Large” as he sat down with Massachusetts Speaker Of The House Rep. Robert DeLeo.