It's Hard To Believe Charlie Sly Is A Con-Man Who Staged An Elaborate Scheme To Frame Peyton ManningPeyton Manning's camp has dismissed Charlie Sly as a con man who implicated him and many other athletes in an elaborate scheme. Here is an exhaustive list of what everyone is supposed to believe about this increasingly strange story.
Brad Marchand Is Bobby Orr (Just Kidding, But Check Out This Ridiculous End-To-End Goal)Brad Marchand scored an epic goal against the Sabres Thursday night. He looked like a certain Bruins legend who went end-to-end routinely.
LaDainian Tomlinson On Felger & Mazz: Patriots 'Weren't The Only Team Doing Things To The Balls'LaDainian Tomlinson is a notorious Patriots "hater," but he told Felger & Mazz that's not true. He also said the Patriots weren't the only team that tampered with their footballs.
Top 10 Memes Of Felger & Mazz's James Stewart As #TheWandererFelger & Mazz producer James Stewart has been spotted wandering aimlessly around Radio Row. So Toucher & Rich listeners decided to have some fun with it. Here are the very best memes of J-Stew as "The Wanderer."
Dennis Wideman Was Also Suspended For Refusing To Follow Concussion Protocol, Not Just Hitting LinesmanThe NHL revealed that Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman was diagnosed with a concussion after a game in which he struck an official. The league still held Wideman accountable, resulting in a 20-game suspension - and fresh questions about the NHL's concussion protocol.
Heath Evans Calls 2015 Season Belichick's 'Best Coaching Job' On Felger & MazzBill Belichick has taken heat for some questionable decisions down the stretch that doomed the Patriots. Former Patriots fullback Heath Evans didn't agree - in fact, he thinks 2015 was Belichick's best coaching job.
Torey Krug On Bruins' Blown Leads: 'We Have To Learn How To Win'The Boston Bruins have blown seven two-goal leads this season. Defenseman Torey Krug told Zolak & Bertrand that it simply comes down to maturing as a team.
Ken Stabler C.T.E. Diagnosis Proves That No One Can Avoid Head Trauma And NFL Needs Significant Change To SurviveFormer NFL quarterback Ken Stabler has been found to have C.T.E., which shows that no player can completely avoid the head trauma that comes with the game - and that the NFL needs to make significant changes to live on.
Emmanuel Sanders Says He Would Have 'Won Some World Championships' With PatriotsBroncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders almost signed with the Patriots in 2013. He said he would have "won some world championships" if he played here, which makes the team's failed signing hurt even more.
Peyton Manning Welcomes HGH Investigation, But Not Before His Team Completed Its OwnOn the HGH allegations against him, Peyton Manning said he would welcome an NFL investigation - just days after his team completed their own.
The Panthers And Broncos Are Both Playing The 'Underdog' Card For Super Bowl 50Is it possible to have a Super Bowl with two underdogs? That's how the Panthers and Broncos are both portraying themselves before Sunday.
Will The Patriots Pull Another Surprise Trade In The Offseason?The Patriots have too many good young players on defense to pay them all market-value deals. Who will be the odd man out?

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