Southwest Airlines

A pickup truck made contact with a plane at Logan (Photo credit @Cara_Theresa)

Pickup Truck Strikes Empty Airplane At Logan

A pickup truck struck an empty airplane at Logan Airport early Monday morning, officials said.


Southwest Airlines Flight 319 from Atlanta to Boston was diverted Thursday due to an electrical smell in the cabin. (Photo courtesy of Iliana Cruz)

Southwest Flight To Boston Diverted Due To Electrical Smell

A Southwest Airlines flight to Boston was diverted Thursday after an electrical smell was detected in the cabin.


An airplane (Image credit: Thinkstock)

Ask An Expert: Saving Money On Airfare

Bob Diener, co-founder of and president and co-founder of, shares 10 tips on how to save money on airfare.



What’s The Best Airline In The US?

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Tips For Traveling Over Thanksgiving Weekend

The following are five tips for traveling during Thanksgiving weekend that will make your life easier.


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Computer Glitch Temporarily Grounds Southwest Airlines’ Entire Fleet

A system-wide computer failure forced Southwest Airlines to ground its entire fleet of airplanes preparing for departures late Friday, and at least 57 flights had to be canceled.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

All Things Travel: Southwest Airlines Builds Presence At Logan

Southwest Airlines continues to slowly build their presence at Boston’s Logan airport.


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All Things Travel: Southwest Airlines Aims To Avoid Upsetting Customers During Transition

Southwest is being careful to upset as few customers as possible as it integrates Air Tran flights into its operations.


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Southwest Safety Inspections Not Hurting Logan Traffic

Most Southwest Airlines flights at Logan Airport were on time Monday, even as the airline inspects older planes nationwide for cracks in the fuselage.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Southwest Growing At Logan, Despite Problems

Southwest Airlines’ growth at Logan Airport is expected to continue this year, despite problems caused due to an incident of aircraft skin fatigue on a flight on Friday in Arizona.