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Soundbytes Of The Week: June 13

Soundbytes of the Week are selected by WBZ’s Dave Mager.


Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. (WBZ-TV)

Soundbytes Of The Week: January 10

Here are the top audio clips from each week, as selected by WBZ News Editor Dave Mager.


Flowers are left at a security gate near the scene of the bombing attack at the Boston Marathon. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Soundbytes Of The Year: 2013

Here are the soundbytes of the year as selected by WBZ’s Dave Mager.


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Soundbytes Of The Week For Sept. 27

“Fanatics” and “train wreck” among the strong language in the Senate. The Muppets go historic (and Cookie’s viral Share it, Maybe song). Harvard’s very special guest. Selected by WBZ’s Dave Mager.


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Soundbytes Of The Week: 8/23

Rising seas’ long-term impact on Boston. Big shark makes for big dinner. Mass. voted “smartest” state. Hernandez indictment and defense denial: “he remains innocent under our system.” Brady rallies the Michigan Wolverines.


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Soundbytes Of The Week: May 20

WARNING: Do not eat this podcast (wacky warning labels), answers for South Berwick, ME., one man’s “last meal” for “judgement day.” Selected by WBZ’s Dave Mager.


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Soundbytes of The Year 2010

A look back at a dramatic year.


WBZ Radio Mic

Sound Bytes Of The Week: November 26

Here are the “Sound Bytes of the Week” for the week ending on November 26.