Thousands Of Convictions Tainted By Rogue Lab Chemist TossedA judge on Massachusetts' highest court has ordered the dismissal of more than 11,000 convictions in nearly 7,700 cases.
Thousands Of Cases Tied To Second Disgraced State Chemist DismissedThousands of cases handled by a former state chemist were dropped Thursday.
Former State Chemist High At Work For Nearly 8 Years, Documents SayCourt documents released Tuesday say a former state chemist was high on drugs almost every day for the nearly eight years she worked at an Amherst drug lab.
Bail Revoked For Western Mass. Lab Chemist In Drug Case Bail has been revoked for a former chemist charged with stealing drugs from the state crime lab in western Massachusetts where she worked.
Mass. Lab Chemist Faces New Drug Theft ChargesAn Amherst state crime lab chemist accused of stealing drug evidence faces new charges.
Amherst State Crime Lab Chemist Accused Of Stealing Drugs Out On 5K BailA Massachusetts crime lab chemist accused of tampering with evidence and stealing drugs has pleaded not guilty.