Northern Lights Show Possible For New England SkygazersIt's rare for the Northern Lights to be seen from New England, but there's a chance it could happen on Friday night.
Geomagnetic Storm Watch - Aurora Potential!The sun has been throwing temper tantrums this week, and pretty spectacular ones at that.
July Heat Wave & The Northern LightsSkies will become partly sunny this afternoon with light to breezy west winds, highs will climb into the upper 80's and Lwr 90's in most areas. Clouds this morning at the beaches will give way to an afternoon haze. Where clouds linger longer, this will help to keep temps mostly in the 80's.
Solar Storm Fizzles, But BU Prof. Expects Worst Still To ComeWhile the latest solar storm has not created anything approaching electronic Armageddon, the worst may be yet to come.
Northern Lights May Be Visible From New England After Solar StormThe sun is bombarding the Earth with the biggest solar storm since October 2003 and is causing the night sky to light up with Aurora Borealis.